Zhengtu to Eliminate In-game Server Boundary


China’s popular MMORPG Zhengtu today announced that it will eliminate server boundaries in its upcoming expansion pack. Traditionally, MMORPG players are segregated by the server they play on. If players want to transfer to another server, they will have to go through a lengthy application process and risk losing some of their virtual items.

Zhengtu Networks Tests Second MMORPG


Zhengtu Networks, the operator of one of China’s most popular MMORPG Zhengtu today announced the closed beta of its latest in-house developed MMORPG Juren (Giant). Juren will be the second game developed and operated by Zhengtu Networks, who became the dark horse of the Chinese online games market by accruing more than 1 million peak concurrent users for Zhengtu within one year’s time.

Zhengtu Networks Rumored to Issue IPO in Q4 2007

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According to local sources, Zhengtu Networks, the operator of popular free-to-play MMORPG Zhengtu, is rumored to go public on NASDAQ in Q4 2007. Thanks to the success of Zhengtu, Zhengtu Networks is quickly becoming strong contender to become China’s largest online games company.

Zhengtu Peak Concurrent Users Exceed 860,000


Zhengtu, the Chinese 2D MMORPG announced on March 23, 2007 that the game’s peak concurrent users exceeded 860,000. Zhengtu Games, the game’s operator’s latest tax filing showed that the game generated more than $20 million in revenue in February 2006.

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